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Prepare expenses report

Based on a schedule or started manually, connect to a list of websites and download the latest statement to a folder. The name of the folder would be the date when the automation started.The access and navigation inside each website would have to ...
21 days ago in  0 Submitted

Trigger skills based on some event

In addition to be able to request my digey to do things, it would be quite productive to allow digey to act on my behalf in certain circumstances such as a specific time of the day or a certain document being added to a certain folder.
7 months ago in  0 Planned for future release

Skills for when I go on vacation

I would love to see a skill that could help me update my calendar, slack, and email with an OOO message and decline any events scheduled during that time. It would be helpful if it could also remind my colleagues that I will be out a week before m...
7 months ago in  1 Future consideration

Personalize my digey

I would love to be able to personalize my digey with: A custom avatar, maybe picking from an ootb set of images, or even having the option to upload a custom image. A pronoun. My digey feels like a 'she'/'her'. And I know digey doesn't vocalize (y...
7 months ago in  1 Future consideration

Plan my day for me based on calendar events

As I connect my outlook account and my calendar to Watson Orchestrate, digey helps me plan my day by creating a list of "events" with relevant actions or relevant information to read for each "event/meeting". For example, if I have a meeting with ...
7 months ago in  2 Future consideration

Automate insurance claims submittals

TBD, increase cash flow and efficient use of staff
3 months ago in  1 Not under consideration

Connector to SAP Workflow

Create a 2 sides generic integration with SAP Workflow. 1 - Get from SAP all Workflow events related to the user (approvals, warning,...). It can be done by call a generic function module in SAP thru oData protocol. 2 - Interact with SAP on define...
6 months ago in  0 Future consideration

Integration with Banking apps (& industry specific apps)

This feature would be useful for a lot of organisations that deal with making payments to clients. For example, accountants working with solicitors use LEAP (case management software) to track claim payouts, and payouts are done through a banking ...
6 months ago in  2 Not under consideration

More of an "internal" capability: Digey self diagnosis

Digey should know when "something goes wrong" and creates a defect for developers in GitHub to look at (plus +1 if it can also retrieve the relevant logs)
7 months ago in  0 Not under consideration

Provide connectors to Dropbox

Apps for Google Drive and Box available so we hope that the same will soon be avaible for Dropbox as it is where we manage content and would like to tap into to accelerate our processes.
7 months ago in  0 Planned for future release